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Acro is a fun way of improving flexibility, strength and muscle control, as well as learning a few party tricks along the way! With gymnastics and sports being ever diluted in state school curriculum, this class aims to re-introduce tumbling and turning, running and leaping into childhood.


We set our students up for acro each week with a warm up and some basic conditioning before using tumble mats to practise and master basic to intermediate level tricks and manoeuvres. From forward rolls, to handsprings, from cartwheels to aerials (a cartwheel with NO HANDS!), students work at their own level, progressing stage by stage at a pace appropriate to their physique and strength. Under the watchful eye of a teacher, there is always hands on support if needed, especially when trying something new for the first time or taking a leap (literally) into the unknown.


We also incorporate partner work into our acro sessions, encouraging peer interaction and teamwork. Competent students seem to spend more time upside down than the right way round in this class!


Acro has an affinity with our modern classes and within our performance work, the tricks and moves learnt through this extra discipline providing another skill to add to their dancing tool kit.

Our Acro Class has to be taken alongside another dance discipline listed: Modern, Ballet, Contemporary, Street. 







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