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Modern and Jazz classes


Complementary to the ISTD syllabus and set work, students are introduced to a variety of modern styles through unset exercises and routines to produce versatile, all-round dancers.  Combining discipline, dance, energy and enjoyment, modern and jazz at SDSD has it all. 


Younger students are taught to master basic technique, good posture and secure rhythmic timing. With the use of creative music and themed exercises such as 'Magic Feet', 'Squeeze and Stretch' and 'The Puppet', learning is made fun.

SDSD supplement syllabus work with improvisational routines and stretching exercises, which provide the opportunity to build on students natural dance ability and develop expressive and creative confidence.


From technical steps and limbering to leaps and routines - from soft lyrical amalgamations to high-energy pop combinations, there is something for everyone to enjoy. At the intermediate level, children are introduced to more complex exercises and styles based on co-ordination, strength, musicality and performance. This base work is so important for the senior and vocational level.


At the senior level - Grade 4 and above, students are expected to show sound co-ordination, flexibility, strength and style to complete their modern work. Mentally complex and physically demanding routines are studied including Warm Ups, Floor Sequences, Turns, Kicks, Leaps, Movement and Performance work. At this stage improvisation and free work becomes part of the set syllabus studied. At this level all students studying modern are expected to attend a weekly ballet or limbering class to support their technical work. Where relevant pupils are also introduced to Jazz Awards, which develop technique and gives each student a broader understanding of a dance style. Reaching this level is an exciting and rewarding prospect for students and teachers alike.

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