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Junior Musical Theatre (5 - 8 years)

Our aim in the Junior Musical Theatre class is to nurture and inspire the children to reach their full potential in the performing arts, singing, acting and dancing. The lessons are fun and varied and children are taught a variety of skills. 

Children are given the opportunities to learn and develop their skills in class with the added opportunity to appear in professional and local performances at the following; Waterside Theatre, local fetes, competitive festivals and traditional pantomime at The Limelight Theatre.


Senior musical theatre (8 years +)


Musical theatre classes at SDSD aim to inspire students to become all round performers by integrating singing, dancing, and acting. We aim to give a realistic view of what life in the theatre is like. Broadening our horizons beyond our passion for musical theatre, the classes also incorporate learning pop songs, film, television, pantomime, group scripts and monologues this gives a student the opportunity to form a varied repertoire, whether this be to prepare them for auditions or simply for enjoyment.


Other aspects taught at our musical theatre classes include harmony and counter melodic work as well as drama games, improvisational tasks, vocal exercises and warm ups. In addition to teacher led activities, students are regularly given the chance to self-practise, encouraging more experienced students to take the lead, giving them the first taste of directing, choreographing or teaching. Musical Theatre at SDSD aims to be a collaborative process between teacher and students with each child being given the opportunity to be expressive and creative in a safe, productive environment.


SDSD are always keen to show case the work and talent that is produced in the musical theatre classes, we take part in various fetes, concerts, and pantomimes through the year.

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