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Preparation for Pointe Work  


It is every ballerina’s dream to ‘dance on her toes’. At SDSD we understand it is an exciting prospect and we aim to help students have an enjoyable and safe ‘Pointe Work’ experience.

Our professionally trained and qualified teachers know that starting a student on Pointe too young and before being technically strong, can damage their feet – we remind students that their feet have to serve them for the rest of their life.

We have our own Preparation for Pointe training programme and at this level, we expect a student to be attending two lessons a week.


The teacher will ensure the dancer has achieved good placement of the body, strong feet and leg muscles, plus the correct use of the feet and ankles. It is also of great importance for the dancer to be able to point her foot without curling the toes. This is why we introduce strengthening and special preparatory exercises for a student to practice at home.


The decision for a student to commence onto full pointe work will be left to the professional judgement of the teacher. Teachers at SDSD are fully aware that no two students are identical and each will be ready in their own time. 

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