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Summer Term classes start tomorrow.

We hope you have had a good Easter break and ready for Summer Term. CLASSES START BACK TOMORROW.

At SDSD the teachers have been busy this holiday. Miss Alison and Miss Gillian have attended Cecchetti Day, and Miss Alison has been Teaching level 6 DDP students in London, Miss Sophie has been attending Ballet Technique courses, Miss Kim has been cheering on her colleages competeing in The World tumbling, they got Silver, Miss Heather worked hard at Honeycomb where the SDSD students performed, Miss Susan also worked at Honeycomb and then had the pleasure of washing and re packaging all the costumes into wardrobe, plus working in the office, and I qualified as an Acro teacher .... So we are ready and raring to go .... are you. Looking forward to seeing you all in class.

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