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Tap Classes


Tap at SDSD works alongside a set syllabus created by the ISTD. American steps and rhythms have been infused into exercises and routines by experts in the field in a way that gives students sound technique, the fun way.

In the initial grades, the teaching focuses on safe technique, strengthening and an understanding of rhythm. This is delivered in an enjoyable way for young children to learn. 


As a student makes progress through the grades, they master co-ordination and learn to perform the work that is as impressive as the sounds. Senior grades also teach quick, precise and technical beating which defines this dance form. In addition to this, unset routines using the tap styles from Gene Kelly to Stomp feature in tap classes at SDSD.We aim to give a full insight into the world of tap and by giving our students

this experience they can explore and develop their own style.


A class where children are encouraged to make a noise - what's not to like!?

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