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All classes take place in our own dance studio with Sprung floor, Barres and Mirrors at Queens Park Arts Centre (off Walton Road, by the Grammar School).


  • Prices start from as little as £4.50 a class, payable termly in advance.

  • 5% discount 2 classes per week.

  • 10% discount 3 or more classes per week.

  • Payment plans available.​

  • 3 week trial system for children classes explained below.











                After the third week, if the pupil does not wish to take the place,

    there is nothing to pay and those trial classes are with the compliments of SDSD 


       If they wish to take the place in the class the following applies;

  •       Permission form needs to be filled in to register the pupil      

  •       Terms fee paid ( starting from first  trial lesson)

  •       Full Uniform to be  purchased from us at SDSD



     For more information, or to discuss  any of the above please contact|:

         07548 431512

 FIRST WEEK  - settle the pupil into class ( Parent can watch 7 years and under)

 SECOND WEEK - assess this is the correct class for the student . Which class is right for your child may be subject to the discretion of SDSD teachers.

 THIRD WEEK - make a decision whether to register or not

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