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  • We cannot make any guarantees, but we will put everything in place to limit the risk


  • Hand sanitizer will be available before the start of class, if you would rather provide your own please do. Any classes longer than 30 minutes will have to wash hands / re-sanitise during the class time.


  • The toilet will still be available to use, we will ensure it is safe to do so, but please can I ask that all children use the toilet before attending class. If we can avoid toilet trips it will help cut back the areas of use in the studio. 


  • Socks must be worn in classes where it would previously been bare feet. These must be black with grips on the bottom. 


  • Children will be asked to social distance before, during and after class, SDSD will put things in place to make this easier and help the students to follow these rules. 


  • We will be running the classes in two different ways. The first is “Bubbles” , this is for the younger children who will find social distancing difficult * note as per government Early years guidelines Under 5’s do not need to social distance. 

  • The children in these classes will only be able to attend one class. The teacher in these classes will NOT be able to break social distancing, where possible there will be a class assistant that will be able to break social distancing measures if required, social distancing will still be encouraged. 

  • The second style of class will be a “Social Distancing Method” In these classes all children and teachers must adhere to social distancing measures. These classes will be for students of ages that the government feel able to social distance and therefore attend more than one class on the timetable.


  • Some classes have been split to ensure social distancing can be achieved and to limit the mixing of students. Due to this we will be using the Theatre and the new studio. Each room will have its own risk assessment and instructions for how each room will be run. These can be found on the website. 


  • Lost property will be disposed of and can no longer be kept please ensure everything is taken at the end of class

  • Everybody must follow the governments guidelines on isolating if you suspect COVID symptoms are in your household.

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