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We are exceptionally proud of how much our students, and their parents love SDSD. Here are some of the wonderful things they have said.

"We would like to thank you to you and your teachers for everything you have done for Morgan and Taylor. From the shy little girls that first started ballet they have grown into confident young ladies, much of this down to their time spent, and opportunities given to them, at SDSD. 


Thank you again, I will miss them being a part of the SDSD family"





Thank you to you and your team for a wonderful show.  It was a great day and such wonderful innovative choreography.  Loved the blue smartie, very funny.  And Autumn Colours was beautifully arranged to the music.  It was a real treat to see so many styles, talent and hard work on the stage.


Daisy had a big smile on stage and it was a lovely surprise to see the dance they've been working on so hard.  They danced beautifully and I can see how far they've come on."





Thank you for a wonderful production at the Waterside Theatre yesterday.  My family and I enjoyed the performance very much.  Carla had a fantastic time too."




"Tony & I would like to congratulate and thank you and your team of instructors and helpers on a fabulous production.  The family and friends who attended with us all thought the same and are keen to attend the next production.  All the pupuils were confident and were enjoying themselves.


Chatting to Ethan last night, he said he had had "the best day of his life and would do it all over again".  So thanks very much fo rthe production and for the opportunities you have given Ethan this year.  He has grown in cofidence and the ballet we saw him produce last night showed this."






Just to say what an amazing show! Everything from costumes, stage set, dancers down to the efficiency of the staff and management - just absolutely super!We had a lovely time so BIG THANK YOU to you and team, helpers and of course all the performers for giving us a great show. You must be so so proud!"



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